The channels Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter would be beneficial for Mountwood in the future. They can use these channels in a variety of influential ways.


Facebook is already heavily used by Mountwood so it is great to improve upon. Beyond this, users can see what events are currently being held, like posts, and comment on them. This can give Mountwood a base amount of people to work around in regards to what people like and do not like at their park as people like, share, and comment on posts. Also, people can send in messages to the platform that can be answered without clogging up the phone lines.

Pros                                                                   Cons

Several ways to interact with followers Some demographics pushed away from this platform
Easily share events and updates Posts can be inconsistent with amount of ratings/view
Key demographics on this platform
Respond to private messages


Currently, Mountwood does not use Instagram actively. However, if implemented, Instagram could boost their Social Media outlook exponentially. Mountwood’s users already are sharing images on Facebook and on Instagram using their name, and if they would share the images that their users create, the results would be a great curated page. Beyond this, creating photo events, games, and contests could do well for Mountwood.

Pros                                                                   Cons

User base already creating content Without anything else, the account could become just a collage of pictures with no target.
Mountwood Park is easy to take pictures of (“photo bait”). Needs to be curated.
Easily spread Mountwood throughout Instagram through hashtags with great images.
Contests could be created to further drive user submissions


Mountwood does not actively use Twitter currently, but if its activities were promoted on the platform, new demographics as well as current could be influenced. The platform’s ability to tweet short statements would be great for sending out event information with a link for more information on a different platform. Posting regularly about parts of the park that people can check out along with images could cause greater influence. Also, hashtags will allow people to easily search and share what Mountwood wants their followers to share, even if it is simply #Mountwood.

Pros                                                                   Cons

Posts could be utilized for events or building hype for the park. Current demographic may not be heavily prevalent on this platform. 18-29 is the heaviest on this platform. Mountwood’s demographic is 25-34.
Hashtags will make it easier for users to find Mountwood. Character limit can make it difficult for some posts.
Interact with users through re-tweets or comments.
Photos can be used to also drive engagement to Mountwood’s Twitter.
May bring in a new demographic.

Analyzing a competitor, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, Mountwood should emulate some of the practices on their Twitter. Currently, Harpers Ferry’s Twitter mostly posts images of the park as well as updates on anything happening at the park. This is exactly a set up that would be viable for Mountwood.

harpers ferry twitter


Strategies and Tactics

Objective 1: Increase baseline likes/shares/comments on posts by 10 in 2 months

  • Encourage people that have already liked the Mountwood Facebook to comment/share by hosting photo challenges each month where users can submit photos that they’ve taken at Mountwood.
    1. Promote the photo challenge with a photo collage a week in advance to gain exposure. Gain as many shares as possible in this amount of time.
    2. Set a prize for the photo that receives the most likes/shares/comments, further drawing people onto the Mountwood Facebook Page.
    3. Post your own original pictures around the theme at the beginning of the week to generate awareness and get people excited. At the end of the contest, create a post thanking each user who participated and shouting out those who received the most likes/comments/shares.

Objective 2: Further promote website via Facebook to get 15% more traffic to website.

  • Create interesting Facebook posts that tie directly back to the website, drawing traffic.
    1. Create contests with rules that are further explained on the website along with flyers and other links.
    2. Show part of a picture collage with the title “See More @ Mountwood!” with the link to the website with the full collage.
    3. Create a podcast about Mountwood’s History titled: “What You Might Not Know About Mountwood” and share it on the Facebook.

Objective 3: Increase Facebook posting variety to increase Facebook likes by 300 in 3 months.

  • Create unique, down-to-earth posts that Mountwood’s audience relates to.
    1. Do a “A Day in the life of…” one of the workers at Mountwood, taking pictures of a few of their more interesting daily routines at Mountwood.
    2. Create a post about the wildlife at Mountwood and how people can get involved.
    3. Create a video titled: “Why We Love Mountwood” and interview a few people about what they love most about Mountwood. Short and to the point.

Branding Commercial

The branding commercial that I selected is for Extra Gum:

After watching a few branding commercials, the reason I chose this one was it is endearing in a silly, in-your-face kind of way. The plot aspect is quite memorable with two lovers from high school going through the trials of life, but the twist is just continuously throwing the stick of gum in your face in weird ways. The commercial seems like it knows how cheesy it is being and just goes with it towards the end which makes for hilarious results as the guy proposes to her with gum wrappers.

Two Week Social Media Plan


March 20, 2016

  • Facebook: Start out your Spring with lovely Mountwood colors. (Photo: People walking along Mountwood trail)
  • Website: (Accompanying post about Mountwood trails with additional information, link in Facebook post)

March 21, 2016

  • Facebook: Spring events are coming to Mountwood! Stay tuned so you do not miss out on all the great events happening in your area. (Photo: Combined picture of upcoming events, perhaps calendar)
  • Website: (Get events ready and updated onto website with photos to link to Facebook posts.)

March 22, 2016

  • Facebook: Mountwood is coming alive in Spring! Birdwatching and nature trails are available today. (Photo of birds of Mountwood, link to Mountwood Birdwatching Website.)
  • Website: Update old pages. Create new stories about the bird watching and make new graphics just for Spring, titled “Spring Birds of Mountwood.”

March 23, 2016

  • Facebook: What is your favorite thing to do in the Spring/Summer? Share it with us! (Photo: Scenic view of Mountwood)
  • Website: (Link from Facebook to recreational activities at Mountwood)

March 24, 2016

  • Facebook: ATV Season is in full swing! Get your permit today. (Photo: ATV riding through Mountwood)
  • Website: (Link from Facebook for additional information about ATV permits)

March 25, 2016

  • Facebook: It’s Friday! Bring friends and family over this weekend to Mountwood for a good time with fishing, hiking, and TONS of other outdoor activities! (Photo: People enjoying Mountwood/fishing)
  • Website: (Information about recreational activities, Spring time activities)

March 26, 2016

  • Facebook: Did you know that we have horse trails at Mountwood? More information on our website! (Photo: Riding a horse at Mountwood)
  • Website: Updated post about horse trails. Interview a horse rider.

March 27, 2016

  • Facebook: Disc Golf is intense, especially on Mountwood’s course’s. Find out for yourself today! (Photo: People playing disc golf)
  • Website: Link from Facebook.

March 28, 2016

  • Facebook: Is there any better way to surprise those you love than a Springtime picnic? How about adding that with an outside picnic on Mountwood’s lush park? (Picture: flowing grass, picnic)
  • Website: (Eating areas at Mountwood/where you can have a picnic.)

Buzz Building

Top Ten List: 

Personally, I find buzz to be MOST effective when it is short but powerful, maybe even just an image. Mountwood’s following on Facebook has had great reception to images so I believe a “Top Ten List” would be great with a flashy image to draw them in. Perhaps a “Top Ten Places You Have to See at Mountwood” with a beautiful image of Mountwood right below the title. This list could also be on their website, giving it traffic as well.


Another way to bring in buzz is to create specific Facebook events or other social media events for large events at Mountwood. Previously, Mountwood has just made posts about events, but in order to bring in more buzz, it would be great to post events that people could join. This would also give Mountwood a representation of who is coming from their online demographic, and they could spread updates more accurately.

Demographic & Podcast


Current Demographic:

Mountwood’s most prevalent age group is 25-34. The park has a wide range of events and services for a wide range of age groups, but this age group is heavily saturated because Mountwood also provides children activities. The park’s ATV trails and strenuous events also draws in this demographic. Although both men and women go to Mountwood for the trails, fishing and etc., the male demographic is more prevalent because of additions such as ATV trails. Those who regularly visit Mountwood generally are middle to low class.

According to my chart, my demographic are both spectators and joiners which makes sense given that Mountwood has activities ranging from trails that you are required to do yourself to events that you can sit back and watch. It may be difficult however to get such a majority of a demographic to join in on Social Media if they are all spectators. They may be watching your Facebook or Twitter, but may never comment, share, are favorite. The joiners, however, will have no problems jumping into whatever you have planned which will give you a great turn out.

Target Audience:

Mountwood already has ties to older individuals across the area, so it should focus its efforts on bringing in younger people in the 18-24 demographic. Some events do cater to this demographic that Mountwood exhibits, but the park does not draw in these individuals year round. That should be their focus. This focus should narrow down on the young female demographic and find reasons for them to come out to Mountwood year round. Generally speaking, the young male demographic has the ATV trails to draw them in year round, but young females are lacking the same appeal.

This younger generation uses social media abundantly. To engage them, Mountwood would be advised to think about unique ways to grab their attention. This age group is difficult to get their attention, so they must have a bold social media statement prepared.

Podcast: Mountwood Park History


  1. Panning shots of Mountwood park, as if you are walking along through it taking a tour.
  2. Old pictures or footage of oil fields and workers.
  3. Pictures of Volcano, relics. How Mountwood celebrates the town of Volcano.
  4. A transition from an old photo or image of Mountwood to what Mountwood is today.
  5. Find clips of events or anything of candid shots of people having fun at Mountwood, showing the celebration.


  1. What is Mountwood Park?
  2. Mountwood Park’s Oil History
  3. Town of Volcano
  4. Mountwood Today
  5. End: What is Mountwood Park?

Social Media Assessment

Opportunity Pitch:

Mountwood Park is a park located in Parkersburg West Virginia. The park features “50 miles of hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails, campgrounds, a 50 acre lake, and wooded picnic areas,” and all these aspects of Mountwood draw in diverse people from around the Mid-Ohio Valley and even further. An ATV park, nicknamed “Mountwood ATV Adventures,” is also located in the park and draws in a completely unique and dedicated subsection of people. Another engaging part of Mountwood is the variety of events held on its premises, like Volcano Days and fishing derbies.

Social Media Assessment:

Facebook: Mountwood Park

Mountwood Facebook 1

Facebook is what Mountwood uses for most of their Social Media interactions, and largely posts are about upcoming events or updates about the park. Mountwood posts to their Facebook about 7-10 times a month or a little more depending on how busy the park is or if an event is high priority. Most posts include a picture to promote the park’s image and also a link to the Mountwood website to generate traffic to that source.

Defining the average like/share/comment traffic of Mountwood’s Facebook is difficult because it can fluctuate so drastically between posts. Some posts receive above 20 likes and similar share counts with a few comments while other posts a day or so later will not even reach five likes and have no shares or comments. This can be attributed to less people interested in the event mentioned in the post, but it is a weakness in the Facebook that the Mountwood community does not support these events to such an extent on this Social Media Platform.

Mountwood Facebook 3

Mountwood Facebook 2


Mountwood Website 1

When visiting the website, any visitor is immediately greeted with a large banner displaying images of Mountwood with other sections talking about events or parts of the park. This interface is great for displaying a message straight to any visitor. The rest of the website is just text based with some pictures which may turn away some visitors when they see large blocks of text.

Beyond the front page, each page tells a different part about Mountwood, from the ATV park to the lodging. One of the main parts of the website is the events section that shows upcoming events, but the downside is that events are deleted from the website after they are done, making it impossible if a user wanted to look back and see past events. The website does have lots of information about most aspects of Mountwood which is its strongest point.

Social Media Objectives:

Objective 1: Increase baseline likes/shares/comments on posts by 10 in 2 months.

Objective 2: Further promote website via Facebook to get 15% more traffic to website.

Objective 3: Increase Facebook posting variety to increase Facebook likes by 300 in 3 months.